Please find a useful link for equipping people to provide practical and emotional support to children and young people affected by the pandemic.


Great resources for students and parents.


Functional Skills Exams : English Speaking Monday 9.45am 22.2.21; Maths 9.00am Tuesday 23.2.21; English 9.00am Wednesday 24.2.21


National Apprenticeship Week - students learnt about apprenticeships, where to find them, how to apply, take a look at this website.


Today is Safer Internet Day. The Internet has brought significant benefits to our lives but there are also dangers that we as teachers and parents must be aware of to protect our children and students.


Very happy to receive the news that an ex Aspire student Kwadwo Baah has been signed up to Manchester City. What a talented young man - Well done!


Thanks Ms Miles, Director of Harris Federation Sixth Form and Ms Bhogal our Vice Principal for delivering an informative talk to Apollo House on how to apply to Harris Sixth Form schools. If you have any further questions, please contact Ms Ogunseitan or Ms Bhogal


MS Teams has proved to be a great tool for delivering online teaching. For parents who would like to know more about how it works, here is a very clear guide which can be translated into different languages


Happy Friday to all HPS6F and Aspire students, staff and families. This week at school Summer, Jessica, Summer, Benito and Da’anah baked some delicious cookies. We hope you are all keeping safe. Have a lovely weekend.


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We're thrilled to announce that our design for – an innovative project converting a former police station into a school – is a finalist! 🤞 Fingers crossed… 🤞


Thematic Day at today


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'This has given me a second chance' - read about the amazing support for students at in today’s Times. The school, it says, is ‘proof that it is possible to take children who have failed in mainstream education and turn them around.'


The Academy is back to normal today, students are expected in by 8.30am in full uniform


Harris Aspire is OPEN until 12.30 today, Friday 2nd March


Harris Aspire is CLOSED today due to the adverse weather conditions, check website, Twitter & Facebook for updates


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Off for our Mental Health roadshow with our friends and

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Student Achievements

2020: The Year History Can't Forget

Harris Federation is currently compiling an anthology of creative writing from students across the federation entitled ‘2020: The Year History Can’t Forget’.

Here's one of our entries from Sahil and few questions put to him about studying at Harris Academy Aspire. Sahil is currently studying GCSE English, Maths, Combined Science, Citizenship, Certificate in Enterprise and Marketing and Certificate in Creative Media. 

Sahil 3


True reality hurts.

It was the 30th of January 2020 when I heard in the news, that there was going to be a global pandemic. This was because a virus was developing, and this ended up spreading everywhere at a fast speed killing and infecting. More than 2 million people have died around the world.

On the 16th of March 2020 the House of Commons declared that the UK should go in lockdown. After a few weeks, school, businesses and restaurants were closed. I was happy personally because I had more free time to do what I enjoy most - skateboarding.

I did not pay attention to the reason why school and businesses were closed; but later, I started to understand what was actually going on… I wasn’t scared, but worried for elderly people including my family. I started to follow the lockdown rules for example ‘keep 2 feet apart’ or ‘wear a mask so you don’t get infected’. There was only one rule that I did not follow, it was staying at home, I couldn’t stop skateboarding, so I just kept on going and going even though I now it was dangerous outside.

I took the risk and went on, now every time I hear the sirens of ambulances I get this negative feeling because people are dying all around, the only way I can carry on with this scary and horrifying reality is to listen to music and skate, but even then it still hurts inside.

COVID-19 has left a scar in my heart and those around me.


Why did you apply to Harris Aspire?

I came to Harris Aspire to improve my skills as a student and help better myself.

What have you enjoyed the most whilst studying your subjects?

I enjoy when the teachers help me during my lessons even though I do not always understand the work. The teachers are supportive in helping me to understand the work.

Have you had any challenges and how did you overcome them?

Punctuality was my biggest problem but now I am more responsible and I get to school on time.

How would you encourage a student thinking of applying here? What would you say?

If you want to have a good relationship with teachers and feel supported come to Harris Aspire.

How have you managed to keep on track with work through lockdown? Has it been easy or challenging?

It’s been challenging not seeing familiar faces and not having a routine, but since school has been back open, I’ve promised myself that I will give 100% in lessons.

Where would you like to see yourself by the end of the course?

I want to have a stable life and move forward step by step.



It is with great pleasure to announce that Timothy was awarded the Federation Art prize for KS3 at Harris Sixth Form Westminster by Matthew Osborne (Head of Sixth Form). It was a fantastic achievement that we are all very proud of. The piece of work was a surrealist inspired paper and card sculpture of a fox. This was developed over a three month period and was crafted with patience and skill.


The work will be exhibited in the Autumn term 2019 at The Harris Federation Conference which is attended by over 4,000 members of Harris Staff.


Work by Adeseun Oloja, who also had his work nominated for the Art Federation Art show will be displayed alongside Tim’s work, congratulations to both students.




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