A lovely piece of poetry by one of our talented students that was published


Multiple cuisines under one roof


We had an Ofsted visit on 17 November 21 and received a ‘good’ with ‘outstanding features’ The report can be found here


This week’s tutor time covers the importance of E-Safety


Lovely Christmas lunch served today. Thanks to the staff.


Christmas Jumper Day at Aspire today


This week’s tutor time focuses on Mental Health Awareness


Please find a useful link for equipping people to provide practical and emotional support to children and young people affected by the pandemic.


Great resources for students and parents.


Functional Skills Exams : English Speaking Monday 9.45am 22.2.21; Maths 9.00am Tuesday 23.2.21; English 9.00am Wednesday 24.2.21


National Apprenticeship Week - students learnt about apprenticeships, where to find them, how to apply, take a look at this website.


Today is Safer Internet Day. The Internet has brought significant benefits to our lives but there are also dangers that we as teachers and parents must be aware of to protect our children and students.


Very happy to receive the news that an ex Aspire student Kwadwo Baah has been signed up to Manchester City. What a talented young man - Well done!


Thanks Ms Miles, Director of Harris Federation Sixth Form and Ms Bhogal our Vice Principal for delivering an informative talk to Apollo House on how to apply to Harris Sixth Form schools. If you have any further questions, please contact Ms Ogunseitan or Ms Bhogal


MS Teams has proved to be a great tool for delivering online teaching. For parents who would like to know more about how it works, here is a very clear guide which can be translated into different languages


Happy Friday to all HPS6F and Aspire students, staff and families. This week at school Summer, Jessica, Summer, Benito and Da’anah baked some delicious cookies. We hope you are all keeping safe. Have a lovely weekend.


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Harris Academies
All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Your Questions Answered

Who can Harris Aspire support and educate?

The Academy provides places for:

Year 10 and 11 students

 The students we support may experience the following:

  • Awaiting a place in a mainstream school having moved into the area (this could be a student from abroad where English is a new language).
  • Those who have not been able to follow a traditional secondary curriculum and need to undertake this as a pathway to further education or training.
  • At risk of being permanently excluded or several fixed term exclusions.
  • Students who have been out of education for a period of time for a variety of reasons.

We are a fully inclusive school and welcome students with special educational needs and disabilities, including those with emotional and environmental barriers to learning. We will have the systems, structures and specialists in place to support these students to achieve.

Can parents and carers apply directly?

Only Schools, Academies and Local Authorities can apply for places. Parents and carers can also ask their child’s existing school, Academy or Local Authority to apply for a place at Harris Aspire.

Who will the teachers be?

Harris Aspire will be staffed by members of the Harris Federation, with outstanding teachers and Federation consultants working with us to support our students. Our aim is for 100% of lessons to be good or outstanding.

In addition to our teaching and leadership team, we will also use a collection of specialists who have proven themselves to be outstanding in their work with other Harris Academies.

These include educational psychologists, speech and language therapists, health services and a variety of different counsellors, mentors, life-coach and advisors.

How will you make sure the needs of all students are met?

Once accepted at Harris Aspire, students will be assessed carefully, not only for their current level of ability but also for their potential attainment as well as any barriers to learning.

We know that many of our students will require a curriculum that will accelerate achievement and aim to ensure that when they have completed their year at Aspire they will be working in line with their peers. We will also be looking for any particular talents in any area that can be supported to develop further.

What will the class sizes be?

Students will be taught in small groups maximum 15 to allow for accelerated learning and outstanding progress. There will also be 1:1 tuition for some students who require extra support, as well as small group withdrawals.

Students in Year 11 will be set by ability in core subjects and will be able to move between sets at different points in the academic year according to progress.

Will there be a uniform?

Our students will be expected to look smart and presentable. Year 10 and 11 are expected to attend the academy in smart business wear. Full details are available on our website.

What is your mobile phone policy?

Mobile phones and any internet enabled devices are not allowed on site. They are collected in the morning at reception and secured in lockers. They can be collected at the end of the day by students. There are no exceptions to this rule. Students found with a phone on site will have the device confiscated and if they persistently refuse to hand it in, the device may have to be confiscated until a parent meeting has taken place and targets set.

Are you able to support Gifted and Talented students?

Yes. Gifted students will be identified when they arrive.

This will be an important part of the screening process as there is likely to be a history of underachievement which may mask a student’s ability to achieve very highly. These students will be challenged within the curriculum and given a variety of other opportunities for enrichment.

Will you operate a Waiting List?

Yes, for each year group.

Will there be financial support for students who need it?

Yes. Where there may be exceptional circumstances we are happy to look into supporting necessities such as travel arrangements and uniform. Please call the office for more details.