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We're thrilled to announce that our design for – an innovative project converting a former police station into a school – is a finalist! 🤞 Fingers crossed… 🤞


Thematic Day at today


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'This has given me a second chance' - read about the amazing support for students at in today’s Times. The school, it says, is ‘proof that it is possible to take children who have failed in mainstream education and turn them around.'


The Academy is back to normal today, students are expected in by 8.30am in full uniform


Harris Aspire is OPEN until 12.30 today, Friday 2nd March


Harris Aspire is CLOSED today due to the adverse weather conditions, check website, Twitter & Facebook for updates


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Off for our Mental Health roadshow with our friends and


roll on tomorrow all students to learn CPR


British Heart Foundation - Restart a Heart Day 18 Oct whole school to learn CPR with


Students to take part in BHF Restart a Heart Day 18 Oct


- Restart a Heart Day - Tues 18th Oct students taking part in the record breaking CPR training

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All Academies in our Federation aim to transform the lives of the students they serve by bringing about rapid improvement in examination results, personal development and aspiration.

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Curriculum Overview 2019-20

  • Our Curriculum Offer

Our curriculum aims to secure for our students the necessary skills, confidence and qualifications that will allow them to engage positively in their future education, employment or training. We recognise that students arrive with a range of significant gaps in one or more of the following areas:

  • academic knowledge and understanding
  • cultural capital
  • social and emotional literacy
  • understanding and following behavioural norms and expectations
  • confidence to do well in education
  • An understanding of their future aspirations and goals

These gaps mean our students’ relationship with and attitude to education has often been negative; the purpose of our curriculum is to change this. We aim to deliver an academically rich curriculum whilst supporting students in their personal, social and moral development. Following our referral and interview process, students will be able to select either academic or vocational pathways at Key Stage 4 which will guide them toward this aim. Key Stage 3 students during respite are taught a full range of subjects covering the national curriculum. The Skills for Work and Life Programme forms an essential part of the curriculum, exposing students to wide variety of learning and social experiences designed to equip them to be successful at the next stage of their education.

The core aims of our curriculum therefore are:

  • To provide a broad and balanced curriculum which is accessible, provides appropriate challenge and contains a wide range of learning experiences.
  • To develop our students into confident learners that are able to secure meaningful and relevant qualifications.
  • To provide our students with the necessary skills for work and life which will allow them to build successful and independent lives.

The key elements of our curriculum are as follows:

Literacy and Numeracy

Students receive 5 hours per week of direct instruction in English and Mathematics, as well as some students receiving additional support in these areas based on their need. Our curriculum reflects the importance of developing knowledge and skills in these areas as an essential factor in future success.

A rich academic and vocational offer

Students have access to a wide range of subjects, ensuring sustained academic progress and access to Level 1 and 2 qualifications. Students also have the opportunity to access subjects directly linked to future employment opportunities which often do not exist in mainstream settings, such as Construction, Health and Social Care, Business and Media Studies.

Skills for Work and Life Programme

Skills for Work and Life is dedicated curriculum time designed to develop students’ social and emotional literacy, awareness and understanding of societal issues and the development of their employability for future careers. It encompasses the in-class Skills for Work and Life Learning Programme, our Assembly programme, our Enrichment offer, our three Thematic Days, our Tutor curriculum and our careers programme. Where necessary, our Inclusion team also support students’ social and personal development by providing access to life coaching and counselling.

  • Enrichment: Our rich and varied programme forms a core element of students’ timetables and aims to support personal development, as well the building of cultural capital, through a wide range of educational and social experiences. Activities include but are not limited to: The Football Beyond Borders programme, The Resilience Project, Boxing, educational visits, Duke of Edinburgh and weekly visits to Jamie’s Farm.
  • Skills for Work and Life Learning Programme: Using the Prince’s trust accreditation, students will receive lessons in developing social and emotional literacy, work skills and employability and societal and cultural awareness and understanding.
  • Tutor time and Assemblies: Students will be exposed to core British values, aspects of the SACRE guidance and access to activities designed to promote personal and social development.
  • Thematic Days: Three dedicated curriculum days dedicated to the development of our students’ social, moral, cultural and spiritual development, as well as careers and the world of work.
  • Careers: All students will receive career guidance which will support them to make a successful transition into mainstream, further education, work or training.

Curriculum Organisation

Harris Academy Aspire has students in Year 10 and Year 11. The academy offers respite for year 8 where they can come on a limited time placement where they can access national curriculum subjects.

Year 10

There are two pathways available for Year 10

All students take these compulsory subjects

  • English and English Lit
  • Mathematics
  • Science Trilogy
  • Skills for Work and Life
  • PE/Enrichment

Students also undertake level 1 qualifications in English, Maths and Science, Finance, Nutrition and Languages.

Year 10 Pathway 1

Students are able to take the following subjects as options

  • History
  • MFL
  • Art

Year 10 Pathway 2

Students take one of these subjects in addition to the compulsory subjects

  • Business Studies
  • Health and Social Care
  • Multiskills Construction

There are 25 timetabled lessons in a week

  Pathway 1 Pathway 2
English/English Lit 5 5
Maths 5 5
Science 6 6
Skills for Work and Life 1 1
PE/Enr 4 4
Art 2 N/A
History 2 N/A
Multiskills (option 1) N/A 4*
Health and Social Care (Option 2) N/A 4*
Business (Option 3) N/A 4*

* Students may be withdrawn from some lessons to complete additional level 1 qualification.

Year 11

THere are two pathways available for Year 11

All students take these compulsory subjects

  • English
  • English Literature
  • Mathematics
  • Science Triology
  • Skills for Work and Life
  • Enrichment

Students also undertake level 1 qualifications in English, Maths and Science, Finance and Languages.

Year 11 Pathway 1

Students are able to achieve an EBACC taking these additional subjects

  • History
  • MFL

Year 11 Pathway 2

Students take one of these subjects in addition to the compulsory subjects

  • Business studies
  • Heath and social Care or Health Care/Citizenship
  • Construction Multiskills
  • Art and Citizenship
  Pathway 1 Pathway 2
English/English Lit 5 5
Maths 4 4
Science 5 5
Skills for Work and Life 1 1
PE/Enr 1 1
Hums 5 N/A
Multiskills (option 1) N/A 8*
Health and Social Care (Option 2) N/A 8*
Business (Option 3) N/A 8*

* Students may be withdrawn from some lessons to complete additinal level 1 qualification or Citizenship GCSE.

Grouping of Students

All students undertake baseline assessments to ascertain ability in each subject area within the first two weeks of their arrival. The Academy also ascertains their social, emotional and wellbeing through questionnaires and the use of "PASS" software to establish a baseline for any additional therapeutic support they may require.

Students on the Level 2 GCSE Pathway will be set by ability in English, Mathematics and Science. Options groups will be mixed ability.

Although assessment data is primarily used to decide n the most appropriate grouping, a set of principles has been agreed in order to support the principle of inclusion:

  • Students with English as a second language may be placed in higher ability groups as they will be helped to access the level of work set.
  • Students with particular behavioural difficulties may need to be separated from each toher, or if underachieving may be well placed in a higher set in order to set more challenging learning targets.
  • Any set changes should be agreed with the Principal and parents/carers should be informed.

In year commission will be assessed for English, Mathematics and Science in the first week they are on roll. The Assistant Principal for English, Mathematics and Science are responsible for setting and marking the assessments. Students will then be placed in appropriate groups for their ability, taking particular care where students have English as an additional language.

Schemes of Work  

It is very important that through our curriculum, students recieve high quality teaching and learning experiences in all areas.  A fundamental requirement is that each department must have in place a detailed scheme of work, which addresses knowledge, skills and understanding as well as clear opportunities for support, stretch and challenge for all ability levels.

Staff will ensure that the design and delivery of our curriculum provides that a balanced presentation of opposing views take place wherever political issues are brought to the attention of students; and in no case should partisan political views be promoted in the teaching of any subject.

Schemes of work should be related to clear assessment criteria in line with the examining body syllabus. Regular testing and assessment oportunities, against these criteria, should also be mapped out as part of the schemes of work.

A copy of each subject area's scheme of work should be available at the start of each year. This will include an overview of year, which includes the framework for assessment, 6x6 weekly plans showing cross-curricular coverage and key learning objectives for each unit, as well as detailed schemes of work.

Monitoring and Evaluation Review

Monitoring the quality of lessons is the responsiblity of the Assistant Principals, consultants and subject leads. The Academy has an annual monitoring evaluation and review calendar.

Cross Curricular 

It is recognised that to access the curriculum, students need a basic level of key skills. Therefore, it is the responsibility of all teachers to ensure that all their students have opportunities to develop skills in Literacy, Numeracy, specialisms and ICT, that will enhance their progress.

Academy Timings

The Academy shares facilities with Harris Professional Skills Sixth Form and is also in very close vicinity to two other Harris academies. The travel plan for Aspire is designed in such a way that staggered starts for year groups are necessary to avoid “bottle necking” of transport systems and being mindful of the local community.

Aspire day

* After hours of study support

The Academy has a planned program of out of hours learning at the end of the day, the details of these plans will be circulated to staff and parents. They will be coordinated by the assistant principal in chage of homwork and will include:

  • Homework interventions
  • Holiday revision and catch up sessions
  • Booster sessions for English, Mathematics and Science
  • Various extra study sessions for targeted students through departments
  • SEN support for students with coursework, homework or classwork

For further information about the curriculum please contact the Academy on 2023 370 9238 or e-mail where you will be referred to the appropriate member of staff.